Your Astronomy Trip
What to expect on your trip
What you may see

Mooned Out Dates*
No viewing on these nights:

Mar. 20 – Mar. 25, Moab
Apr. 19 – Apr. 24, Moab
May 18 – May 23, Moab
June 17 – June 22, Moab
July 16 – July 22, Moab
Aug. 15 – Aug. 20, Moab
Sep. 13 – Sept. 19, Moab
Oct. 13 – Oct. 18, Moab

No programs are held from November 1 through end of February.

“Mooned out”
refers to when the moon is full or nearing full, making it difficult to view faint objects well because of its brightness; even the moon itself is too bright to view! Astronomy tours are not conducted during this time because of the poor viewing conditions.


Alex Ludwig
Moab, Utah



$75 per person*
*No charge for youngsters that do not view, and disabled veterans!

By the hour/distance (2–8 hours)
Averages $30 per person/per hour
Minimum Daytrip $250

"Exclusive" Astronomy trip
Depending on date availability, you may 
request an exclusive program for 2 - 12 guests. 
In essence, you are "Buying Out" the night. 
The rate for this is $750.
Groups of 12+ individually quoted
or call 435-210-0066.

Best time to call is 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time. If calling and Alex is not able to answer, please leave a brief message with your name, a return telephone number, best time to return your call, and the date you are interested in for your trip.

A credit card number will need to be provided at the time of reservation, although NO CHARGE will be incurred unless there is a “no show/no notice to cancel” in which event the cancellation fee will apply. Please be sure to read our cancellation policy below.


Reservation/Cancellation Policy

IMPORTANT: There will be a cancellation fee of 50% for no shows/no confirmed notice to cancel (within 72 hours of trip time). Full charge applies to cancellation/no-shows less than 36 hours before trip time as often programs are full and guests may have been turned away for your spot (only 12 spots available per program)
NO CANCELLATION FEE WILL APPLY  if the trip is cancelled due to weather or otherwise poor viewing conditions. (Alex’s call – see below)

*CANCELLATION NOTE: Many of our guests have certain ideas under what kind of conditions I will hold a program. At times it may look cloudy or difficult at our meeting time but will clear up after sunset. Therefore, about 1 to 1.5 hours prior to meeting time, Alex will make the official decision on whether or not to cancel the trip if conditions seem less than optimum. After 20+ years I do not always call these correctly, but usually I get it right! If the trip proceeds and weather worsens, the trip will be cancelled at that point with no charges.
NOTE TO PARENTS with youngsters 6 and under
Before the ages around 6 – 7, the young developing eyes cannot yet focus through optical devices (binoculars, telescopes, cameras, etc.) Hence, some do not participate in the viewing portion of the program. Keep in mind, when there is more than one group/family present, we must be considerate of the viewing time for all of our guests! (Young children are always welcome but we ask that they be thoughtful and respectful).